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Thread: netbios info

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    netbios info

    When searching google I found a great article on NetBIOS. I think it does a good job in explaining the risks that go with it.


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    Yup that’s why NetBIOS is often referred to as Microsoft’s built in Trojan. It’s good for small home networks but make sure you use you firewall’s NetBIOS options.
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    Arrow NetBios-Share your drive with the world

    I totally agree

    NetBios is a very bad protocal
    and will get you into trouble.....
    I personally am a firm belever of using
    Linksys Routers and non-routable IP addresses
    for internal networks.....

    Big mistake I see that the NetBoui Protocal is no longer
    pushed or spported by MS in XP and you cannot choose which
    way to bind file sharing..

    I will say XP has improved things over 98/ME
    only problem there I see is that the built-in firewall
    in XP is that it is not turn on by default.
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