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    Worm with a EULA?

    Anybody seen this yet? Man, things just keep getting nastier and nastier out there by the day.....

    I lifted this straight off Slashdot .

    ErikRed1488 writes "There is a new virtual postcard from Friend Greetings, owned by Permissioned Media that prompts you to install their software to view the card. You are then presented with a EULA granting them permission to e-mail all the Contacts in your Outlook Address Book. Those people are presented with an e-mail from you telling them they have a greeting card to pick up. So, this thing spreads like a worm, but includes a EULA that 95% of users won't take the time to read. Symantec isn't detecting this as a virus, but does have information about it on their site. In addition to the worm-like way it spreads, it also installs spyware designed to deliver ads to your computer. You also give them permission to install further software any time they want. In my opinion this is completely nasty, but it's all clearly in the EULA that you must agree to before it installs the software."
    The Symantec info link is here.
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    w3consortium or somebody ought to come up with a dispicable computing practices rule, where all ISP's agree to kick **** heels like these off the internet.

    sounds an awful lot like the stunt one of kazaas sponsors pulled, hiding their 'tojan updater' in the eula an having users agree to be part of a distributed computing network for marketing reasearch.
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