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Thread: FINALLY, I get to the fun stuff in my Net Theory/Cisco class at school...

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    FINALLY, I get to the fun stuff in my Net Theory/Cisco class at school...

    If only I could afford my own Router ... We finally finished the first semester of the Cisco program, and the WHOLE THING was based on the OSI model. Now, I know that those 7 layers are probably the most important aspect of networking operation, but damn, is that some dryyyyy subject matter. However, we've just started on working with the actual equipment. I've never had exposure to the Cisco IOS, so this is damn fun stuff. I'm beginning to get an idea about what is behind some of those login prompts that I would randomly encounter when I first started messing around with Telnet. Now, even if I COULD afford my own router, I realize I wouldn't have much of a useful application for it, but that would still make learning about the things easier.
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    We are finally getting to the same stuff. It took forever. The anticipation just builds up. I have some motorola routers, but no cisco routers to play with.

    I agree that the first semester is dry. I almost fell off my chair a couple of nights falling asleep. Those tests were pretty easy though. I think that the second semester will be more of a challenge.

    I just came across a bunch off cisco books today that are only a year old and were selling for like 5bucks a peice. Normally if I bought them at borders or b&n, they would be like 50. I have found that outlets are not only good for clothes, but for books and misc other things too. Too bad I have to drive to the beach to get to them. But its only like a 45 min drive.

    I picked up all I could find. Second year, IOS, and a bunch more.

    I think I got about $800 worth of merchandise today for about $190. About $350 worth of books for about $45. Timberlands buy one get one. Almost everything down there is buy one get one. Tax free shopping baby! Too bad they take more out of my checks.

    I know that you want to play with the routers more, but there are some emulators that you can download.

    I haven't found any really good ones but some are on this site.
    A lot of the features are turned off in these ones.

    Let me know if you find any others that are worth downloading.

    Have fun.
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    You could always play around with Cisco eSIM. You can find it at the link provided by phishphreek80. Some things are missing but it has everything you should need for Cisco semester two. It can also simulate up to five routers connected together. While were on the topic of Cisco here’s a good site with some practice test. http://cisco.netacad.net/ccnaDownloa...inks_S1_S4.htm
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    this site is always a good place to check out when you're looking for books.


    they have lots of stuff 50-90% off....sometimes you get lucky.
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    You lucky people - my first experience with Cisco was trying to recover the password of one that I'd been given charge with and was set up all wrong.

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    I think Cisco actually produce some router simulation software. You can always set up a machine to act like a router(Linux is being used for this now), which won`t be Cisco specific, but at least would allow you to get some practical experience with router uses.
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    Re: FINALLY, I get to the fun stuff in my Net Theory/Cisco class at school...

    Hi, here can you get remote acces to real cisco router for training:

    only UserExec:

    telnet Port 23

    full enable access:

    telnet r1r2.com Port 23

    Sorry for my bad english

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