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    Klez runs in wine

    This should be a wake-up call to a lot of us running Linux. I don't use wine myself, but I know a lot of people do. Moreover, this is a proof-of-concept type thing that shows it *is* possible to infect Linux systems with common viruses.

    Recently a friend of mine, proficient in Linux, and not what you would call a 'newbie' to computing, received an email from a customer. The email was vague and included an attachment. In KMail, he decided to view the attachment, thinking it was simply an image. He clicks it, nothing happens, no viewer, no error, nothing but a few seconds of milling around, and then more nothing. Then, the wine notification pops up. By this time he had realized the file was a Windows executable, and that he'd just executed it with wine because of the MIME typing capabilities of KDE, and WINE's integration with the desktop.
    The main points I'd like to make are: WINE is obviously mature enough to handle the more advanced code that a virus usually contains. Even if only KLEZ for now, others will in the future, be compatible. The other is: I am willing to bet that 90% of you WINE users out there, can view drive Z, or something similar and get your root file system tree, and something like drive Y provides your home directory READ-WRITE. Please, don't do this, unless it is absolutely necessary, minimize the interaction between your WINE environment, and the real linux environment, specify a directory for wine shared files and keep them separate from your linux home files, etc. This will help to minimize the post-infection damage a virus can accomplish.
    Full article is here.
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    Thanks for that information..I've been trying to not using Wine.so far.
    Hmmm ..How about Samba..???
    I've just read articles " Most of Linux user got infected of Virus cause they've been using Windows..too"
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