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Thread: War with Iraq.

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    War with Iraq.

    President Bush has laid down plans to attack Iraq. According to him Iraq has nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that could threaten national security. I don't understand one thing! Does Iraq have ICBMs or other conventional missiles or warplanes to deploy the weapons of mass destruction over United States of America? If not, then how can it threaten national security? What did Vietnam or Afghanistan had to do with the national security? What is the use of killing civilians and not to be able to capture those masterminds of terror for which we killed the innocent civilians in the first place?

    I doubt that Iraq has those weapons of mass destruction otherwise they would have tested them to brag about their military capabilites. They don't even have chemicals to produce life saving medicines forget about chemical weapons.

    A message to President Bush: We Americans don't want war with any country or nation!
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    /me groans......not another thread about Iraq....
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    I agree with Mahakaal on this one,but I have to say one thing.It doesn't take a fighter/bomber to deliver a weapon in peices and reconstruct it near your target for detonation.This isn't WWII this is a war on terror.Terrorists aren't going to come rolling into the US with tanks,a huge infantry,and planes(unless hijacked and loaded with bombs).They bring their weapons in pieces,make weapons themselves in the targeted country,take hostages,stay hidden until ready to strike.The Iraqi military itself doesn't pose the direct threat,it's the Iraqi military standing between us and their WMD that they're giving to terrorists that poses the threat.
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    i agree... we do not want war... the american people are being used as pawns in chess. we are at the polititions beck and call..

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