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    Ok i just downloaded Stealther 2.7 and i need a lil help ok heres my problem go to: http://www.photono-software.de/Steal...php3?language= you see the first screen shot well on my computer i have no connections going on so i cant really hit settings and do the rest they ask me to do and im on a cable modem (Cox). What is the problem?

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    I'm assuming your cable modem hooks up via a NIC rather than thru USB? If you are going thru a NIC then I think you'd have to enter the settings via the LAN settings button rather than via the dial up settings. Click the use proxy server box and thent he advanced button as indicated on the web page you indicated. hope this helps let us know if it did
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    No i think its through USB i really dont know what my problem is im just gona uninstall this because it wont even let me on trillan and when i went on internet to check this message came up saying like not enough proxies changing to Direct Net mode

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    Since you said you have a cable connection then you will need to click the button LAN Settings, because you are conected to a LAN. As directed above. Since the instructions they provide assume you have dialup.

    I had simular problems when I installed proxomitron www.proxomitron.cjb.net

    Once you have downloaded and installed their software, it must be running in order for it to use the proxy. localhost points to your computer. And the port number tells it where to conect. But if the program (steather) or in my case proxomitron is not currently running, then it is not listening to that port, and is not acepting conections from your browser.

    Once you installed the software, and followed instructions, you need to run the program, otherwise your browser wont have anything to conect to.

    When I installed proxomitron and set up the proxy settings, I was baffled that now I could not go to any web site. The reason why is because yes proxomitron was installed but it was not running, so I had to modify my registry to tell it to start with my computer.
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