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Thread: MCAA/RIAA/PtP/file sharing/piracy

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    Angry MCAA/RIAA/PtP/file sharing/piracy

    At nights I am a student at a shitty community college, where I have to pay the whole tuition alone because supposedly I make too much money. I work from 9 – 5 for $14 per hour and after school expenses, cell phone, broad band, metro card and food, I am able to afford a room for $500 a month w/out any cooking privileges. 25 % of that goes to US government, which gives me nothing in return.
    My job is in fashion industry. Among other things I see are the beaded dresses that are 8 times my monthly salary being made in India and Mexico for $200-$300, probably by 12 year olds who get $3 a day. I have to take out the garbage in my company and make coffee for my bosses because I simply cannot afford to get fired. (At least until I finish the shitty school I have to go to and complete some certifications) Every fashion season we have many interns in the company. 20 – 30 year old trust fund babies who live in Manhattan apartments w/ little jobs on the side. They were starting universities while I was making concrete backyards for $5.15 per hour.
    There’s no one who will help w/ anything. I don’t have a girlfriend, obviously. I don’t date the ugly, and no good-looking girl will go out w/ a guy w/ a bus-pass. (All the women in this forum don’t tell me otherwise because you’ll be only lying or you are ugly … so let’s be realistic) Subject of women is going to be my next post. Believe me I have a lot to say about those bloodsuckers.
    I had to build my own system and pirate all the software from others. About 2 years ago someone broke into my house and stole all the CD’s I had. Since then I’ve not bought one. All the music I have is pulled off the net or ripped from the CD that the wealthy designers in my company let me borrow. (I rip them and make them instantly available through LimeWire and Kazza both running on Debian box which is turned on 24/7 on Cable) I have bought and shoplifted some DVD, which I also make available through PtP.
    I am the guy you see in Barns & Noble who sits there till 11PM in the corner reading that CISCO cert. Book I cannot afford and then steals the CD from the back of the book. I am the one who goes to Best buy and buys GeForece46000Ti for cash; than keeps it for 15 and returns it for the money back just to go next door and do the same thing to Wiz or CompUSA. I am the one who plays shoplifted and copied DVD’s on my pirated PowerDVD software for Win and xine for Linux then rips them into mpegs for everyone to see. I am the one who collected all the Metallica songs I could find and e-mailed them to everyone I know after the drummer started ****ing w/ Napster. I hate Windows but I still copy it andd install it on my most powerful box because I want to play my pirated AvP and Unreal Tournament 2003. I am the guy who used and perfected every scam to **** over big corporations (never individuals) to get free stuff/food/money.
    Do you really expect me to pay for Jay-Z unplugged when one of his nose-rings would pay for my school and apartment for a year? Do you expect me to pay for CD of Britney or N’Sync, for some girl whose pants I wanna get into, when these so called performers have more money than my mother has ever seen in her entire life for an artificial music manufactured to twist teenagers reality into “pop culture”? Do you really?
    I can go on and on and if you have still no idea where I’m going w/ this find “Fight Club” on Gnutella and read it cover to cover 3 times.
    It is fun watching these media giants trying to claw their way out of the technology pit they fell into. They claim that PtP eventually degrades artistic value of their products but it’s is universal truth that best art is crated when there is no concern about money. Remember Kurt Cobain!
    You can say: “He must hate life” or “he’s really miserable”, but the truth is I’ll see you tomorrow in better circumstances. With all the tricks and pranks and scams I survive save some money and get a bit of pussy on the side too. I know a lot of those who will criticize my words have lived polished life (think Real World) and don’t know what it’s like to not have a credit card and to those all I can say: !!!REDISTRIBUTION OF ECONOMIC RESOURCES!!!

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    just look at the abiword incident ... and this is open source ...

    paypal was praised in WIRED as a new wave of banking....just another F-U-over
    stickin\' feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken T.D.

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    Dude, you got issues.

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    Lived polished life? What in the bluest of hell are you on about? If you can explain what your point is or the meaning of the post is, please, seriously tell me. I like helping people out, whether it be mentally, socially, physically, ANYTHING. But please, tell me what the meaning of this is and I don't think people will act rude. If someone disagree's with you, doesn't mean they are going to live a bad life or anything. Again, please elaborate better. Otherwise like xmad said, you do need help.
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