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    Australian Telstra Problems

    Just a question for the Aussies here
    Im running Mandrake 9.0, and i need a login program for my ISP's cable modem service. They don't have a login program for linux at all! Like the bigpond advanced launcher for windows. I rang up telstra but they were pretty useless, saying that you needed 3rd party software to use bigpond under linux. So here i am, asking if anyone knows were i might be able to find this. Google wasnt much help either.
    Hey even if you use something that sounds similar with other other ISP's in diff countries, post as well. Im here to learn.

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    they have a great forum with great support usually i would look at changing isps telstra isnt what you call good
    well hope it helps my friend has no problem running it under linux so i dont know whats up with yours rioter

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    I found this, it's for Redhat, but should work:

    Hope that helps

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    Cable Modems

    I would use a www.linksys.com router on your cable modem
    I supect it is a Docsis 1.1 modem so a Linksys would work
    Then any box from Linux to windows to a Mac will work
    via a LAN cable
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