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    EMail server testing

    I have gotten complaints that my email server is allowing relays, but I have the feature turned off. How can I test the server for this? Are there any things /tests that I can make to look for common vunerabilities in an email server?


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    Maybe this helps allready



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    There are numerous checks you can do for relays, and rather than go through them all I will result to a little shameless self promotion. I posted a script that would run through all of the relay tricks that I have seen and you can stop, can't find the url at the moment, so i have attached it to the message. Requires perl.


    PS it was a quick and dirty script, if you need help with it let me know (it isn't clear sometimes what it wants, especially with what it finds)

    It would also be helpful to know what type of program you are using for your server so that recommendations can be made to prevent it from being used as a relay.
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    Thanks guy's

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