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    Question Looking For a Host

    I'm looking for a web-host for my site. Any suggestions? I need alot of space and bandwidth cause I'm gonna have a good bit of downloads. I'm also looking for a good price (who isn't).

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    Checkout netfirms.com. One of the best host around. Great service and cheap.

    They even offer a free host plan. Good stuff!

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    Try these:

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    Here is a cool site that gives you ratings for free hosts depending on your criterias :


    Here is the same service for budget hosts :


    I used those sites for all my personnal needs and always was satisfied with their evaluations
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    I'm looking for a host as well, and I have plans on buying a domain, all for my company and everything like that. Only problem is, I don't own a credit card. If anyone knows a good host with good prices that takes checks, please let me know, it would be much appreciated.
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    Hey all,

    I use Ehost Pros. Depending on the package you choose, you can get pretty decent bandwidth and storage capacities. They've also got an "add-ons" section to purchase additional storage, bandwidth, etc.

    Best of all...they accept PayPal. If configured correctly (PayPal), you can have Ehost withdraw funds directly from a bank account (no credit cards required). They've also got flexible payment plans (annual, quarterly, etc.).

    Check'm out!

    Ehost Pros Site

    Hope it helps...
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    (we support all other top-level domains - .co.uk, .de, .nl, .nu, etc.)
    30-day 100% Money-back Guarantee!
    Big! 125 Megs of diskspace!
    Plus more for free as needed!
    Un-metered traffic New! OC12 connection!

    Un-metered POP3 Mailboxes!
    Unlimited Email addresses
    Unlimited Auto-responders
    Unlimited Mailing lists
    Server Side Includes(SSI)
    PHP4 scripting (version 4.2.2 currently)
    Perl, Python, Ruby
    GD, ImageMagick, FreeType 2
    Full configuration through .htaccess files
    Your Own cgi-bin
    Password protected directories
    Your own MySQL database
    (extras on request for free!)
    phpMyAdmin 2.2.2 pre-installed
    Secure Shell Access(ssh) (secure replacement for telnet)
    Ftp Access
    Most common unix utils
    And more!!!

    * All Accounts are hosted on fast Linux servers on our fully switched network.
    * Your account is a "real" system account - we do not use "mass-hosting" schemes that other hosts use to cram as many users per server as possible.
    * We do not use Cobalt rackservers. Our servers are currently 90% custom-tuned Intel servers. The remaining 10% are quality Dell servers.
    * Our NOC is now connected via an OC-12 Sonet Ring to three major North American backbones (AT&T, UUnet and Global Crossing). Speed that T-3 connected hosts can't match!
    * All servers are in a secure environment.
    * We are not a reseller. We operate our own servers and all technical support contact is made directly to our technicians. With phpwebhosting.com you will not waste time dealing with a "middleman".

    Need a CC card though.. Check the TOS, I think you can have downloads but the site cant be a site that is just downloads

    The best thing about this place too is I cancelled my account with them about 6 months ago and I dont even have the CC card anymore but yet the site is up and I still have access to it. I again cancelled just to make sure it worked and I noticed that it did say it may remain open for a while after its cancelled but I havent paid for like 6 months
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    Talking I Have been looking for a While ...

    The Best Deal I Have Found is



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    www.below10host.com is another good one

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