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Thread: Laptop LCD to PC LCD

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    Question Laptop LCD to PC LCD

    I want to take an LCD out of a laptop and convert it into an LCD for a PC, any suggestions? step by step tutorials that u know of, or have u done this before and maybe can help me out??

    Right now i dont have the laptop LCD but there are plenty on sale for real cheep on e-bay, this is one part of a project im working on and it would help me out alot if i got any information what so ever.


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    I looked this up a while ago. I wanted to create cheap screens for my puter.

    I believe I ended up dropping it because of the cable problems, lcd screens have flat plastic cables and its a pain to adapt them to the connector of a video card,

    Now to answer your question.

    I imaging if you do a search for lcd laptop screen pinouts you should be able to find what you need.

    If not, or if you give up. try www.poptronics.com and look for lcd screens to windows.

    Its a neat project to turn old lcd screens into powered shutters.
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    ...that's one Hell of a good idea. I hope you figure out how to do it.

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    Im still reading, i found a picture of a mod a guy did w. an LCD from a laptop i tried e-mailing him but no response.... i dunno its gonna be tough

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    I found this text on a bullitinboard somewhere..thoought it might be intresting ?

    "Many people have recently started to ask how to connect an LCD screen taken from an old laptop computer. Unfortunately there is no simple solution for this conversion because the differences of the interfaces used in normal VGA monitor connections and the interfaces used in laptop LCD screen. The LCD screen on laptops typically use a special digital inteface between the graphics controller and LCD screen itself. Those interfaces can be special high speed parallel or serial interaces and there are many flavour of them in use. The graphics cards inside the laptops have that special interface compatible with the display in this laptop, but normal PC graphics cards do not have this kind of interfaces. One problem is also that there is wide variety of LCD display interfaces in use, so first you need to figure out what interface is used (can get hard) and then get somewhere information how to interface to it (information might not be publically available). Here is a list of some LCD screen interfaces used or in-use nowadays:

    Analog VGA (used in external LCD displays but not in laptops normally)
    44-pin TTL parallel
    20-pin LVDS serial
    Digital Video(6-bit for each color R/G/B) Sync Signal,DOTCLK, 4 pairs LVDS (used in some IBM laptop displays)
    DVI (Digital Visual Interface LCD panel digital interface from DDWG, used for external LCD screen mainly)
    So the conversion between normal PC graphics cards and LCD display taken from old laptop is not generally very complicated and usually not worth of a try. To do the conversion you would first need to get to know what type of interface that LCD screen uses, then get the specifications of that interface, then specifications of that specific LCD and then design your own interface for that. Very complicated and not worth of the problem to try to do that at least if you plan to do this for saving some money (maybe a good educational experiment for a very good hardware/electronics expert, but not recommended for any average electronics homebuilder).
    It is possible, but in order to get the LCD to run off a standard VGA or standard digital video card, a converter must be bought. The converters cost about $250+. Its often cheaper just to buy a flat panel display. Regular flat panel displays on the market now are at least 15" which is much larger then the most laptop LCDs out there. The ready-for-vga flat panels for sale include the sort of input converter that you would have to buy to make the bare LCD work. While it seems like the converter should not cost half the price of a new LCD display, it does. The LCD interfaces that work for old laptop screens were made in low quantity for a few specific projects and are designed to support numerous types of LCD.

    You can find specifications of some LCD displays an their interfaces from http://www.flat-panel.com/tech.htm. "
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