I know that there a couple of other members here that are taking CISCO classes.

I want to remind those members that Cisco's Deal is only good through the 31st of this month.

Quote taken from Ciscos website.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a special promotion on the Cisco 806 router to all Cisco Networking Academy students and instructors in the United States.
Through October 31st of 2002, students and instructors can purchase one Cisco 806 Broadband Gateway Router for US$250 via the Academy Store. Each router comes wThis is a tremendous offer that allows Academy students to purchase an affordable, fully featured Cisco IOS router for use at home or in the classroom.

The Cisco 806 router has an Ethernet WAN port that connects to a DSL or Cable Modem. Network Address Translation (NAT) allows multiple users to share a single broadband connection with a single IP address. In addition, an integrated four port Ethernet hub allows up to four PCs or networking devices to be connected directly to the router.

The Cisco 806 router being offered includes the IP PLUS feature set.

In addition, the Cisco IOS Firewall Features Set is available for free download. The software offers basic network security such as Access Control List and NAT at no additional cost. This provides a full stateful inspection firewall and data encryption that allows secure tunnels to protect the integrity of data traveling over a public connection and to protect the network from unauthorized access. It denies or permits WAN traffic based on a session's state, so requests from users behind the firewall can be received, while preventing unauthorized access. Click here to download the Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set.

Because the Cisco 806 router runs Cisco IOS software, users can utilize powerful remote management capabilities. The Cisco 806 router can support software and memory upgrades, and accommodates DSL and Cable connections.
This deal is only good for Students in the states. Sorry everyone else.

Visit http://students.netacad.net/students...06_student.htm and put in your user name and password for the great deal on the CISCO 806 router.

I think the total cost is somewhere like $260 and some change after shipping.

This is good for practice on your home network and has a fully functional IOS. After you are done... you can sell it on EBAY for well over $800 if you want. I think the value of these are over $1000. I'm going to keep mine.

You can't beat a deal like this!