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Thread: Key pairs and Microsoft CryptoAPI

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    Key pairs and Microsoft CryptoAPI

    I am developing a security component involving generation of asymmetric keys and certificates using Microsoft CryptoAPI. Exchange key pairs can be generated with lengths starting from 384 bits to 16384 bits in Enhanced provider. The key length should be a multiple of 16. Same case with the keys in the certificates also. When these keys or certificates are used to decrypt some encrypted text, the decryption is failed for all the key lengths except the ones with the key lengths which are a multiple of 64.

    The component is developed in Visual C++. All the keys and certificate generation, encryption and decryption is performed using the Microsoft Crypto API library.

    Could anyone help me out.

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    This sounds like a questiong for the guys at Microsoft. Try their public newsgroup for sequrity questions: microsoft.public.platformsdk.security.

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    The standards I have seem are 256, 512, 1024, 2048. Are you trying nonstandard key length for a specific reason?
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    hey chaitnya,
    i can't help you out in getting through that program but you can check that encryption program Maxcrypt it's nice and easy.hmmmmmmmmm i think you can get some idea from that.let's pray.or you can consult ankit fadia at ankit@bol.net.in

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