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Thread: HpOv or else ?

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    Question HpOv or else ?


    I have always been required to use HpOV, and i came to dislike this product because fo the slow response time, its failure at reconfiguring routers/ switches when they are more then 50 listed, poor acl management and other things like that.
    I will not even talk about ciscoworks...
    I heard that solar wind is good but i have never tried it.
    So i was wondering what kind of tools you were using for network management topology ?
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    Network management is a broad term. What do you really want?

    Openview (www.hp.com) and the similar Netview (www.tivoli.com) are examples of traditional network management tool. It's good at mapping IP topology of your network and presenting the realtime status (ping result) on screen. It can also be configured to collect SNMP data from selected "nodes" (devices, servers, etc).

    Ciscoworks (www.cisco.com) is a network device/element management tool. It can display Cisco devices status up to port level. Netcool (www.micromuse.com) is a network fault management tool. It can store and correlate events from many sources and send alerts to administrators. eHealth (www.concord.com) is a network performance management tool. It can measure network performance and do capacity trending. Note that those three can be very costly depending on the size and complexity of your network.

    For less costly solution, there are Whatsup Gold (www.ipswitch.com) a traditional network management tool, Cap-trend (www.magnum-tech.com) a network performance and capacity trending tool, and Infovista (www.infovista.com) a network service level reporting tool.

    On the open source side, many simply use MRTG (www.mrtg.org) for collecting and presenting router interface utilization, and ntop (www.ntop.org) for monitoring (usually LAN) traffic based on source/destination host, protocol, etc.

    Of course I oversimplify the specs, check out the websites. Many other choices, depending on what you (or your boss) need and budget. I've used Netview and Ciscoworks, and played with MRTG and ntop, and like them all.

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    Thanks for the input jdenny

    Acutally , i have used mrtg but found it not too stable under nt it does have great great report capabilities.

    Have you ever use solrwind ? http://www.solarwinds.net/
    i heard good thing about it but how about someone that have some experience working with it ?
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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