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Thread: FBI releases Crime Stats

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    FBI releases Crime Stats

    Hey, everyone.

    The FBI released the Uniform Crime Reports for the year 2001 yesterday (10/28/02).


    They did not include any of the deaths that took place on 9/11 as murders. Instead, they included a special section containing information about the deaths in New York and DC.


    The statistics of September 11 are not a part of the traditional Crime in the United States publication because they are different from the day-to-day crimes committed in this country.
    IMHO, I think this is a slap-in-the-face to the memory and families of victims who lost their lives on that heinous day. Granted and thankfully, we don't see that kind of violence on a regular basis here in the US. But does that change the fact that 3047 people were murdered?
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    It will be better to publish the internet-crimes and not the real life one.

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    Sorry to dwell off your topic 11001001 and go with ii-monk 's story.

    Well publishing the internet crimes from the FBI would be fun..

    Crimes commited 13,391,432 (just a guess)
    People convicted 2 (true)
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