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Thread: Xp full of bugs

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    Dude Xp Completly Sucked Honestly I Will Stick To My Win 98 i But Would Like Unix Or linux If Any One Has Info Where I Could Get 1 of Those online cheap let me Know

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    I run both WinXP Home and RH 7.3 (on different HDD's) on my box, and have had no serious problems with either of them. Pros and Cons for each, obviously, but all in all, I can't gripe about MS and XP, since it has proved to be very reliable. Don't sit there and bitch and moan about "security holes" and "flaws" when they are easily resolved by doing a simple update. What? You're too f**king busy to download a patch or two? Give me a break. And furthermore...if you were exploited by the "holes" in your XP OS, what do you have that someone else would want? Don't just piss and moan about MS products because you think that you'll be accepted as being "in the know", or "rebellious". Granted, I have had legitimate concerns about MS in the past, but it wasn't just bitching and whining and saying, "yeah! Those f**kers!"
    In the end, use what you want to use...but don't become a fanboy of anything until you can substantiate your negativity about an "opposing" idea, and not just target a name.

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

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    Originally posted here by gghornet
    I installed XP,and shortly after went right back to Win 2k.XP just didn't work out for me.I'd prefer to do away with M$ products all together,but I have a starband DSL and the mission control software isn't compatible with anything but Windowz.I have Mandrake on my other box though,andf it's great.I think I'll be switching to Redhat soon though.
    Never did like Starband latency but it does work with XP
    The software was a little flaky.....
    And E=MC squared.... so if you can go faster than
    light you would be like "Uncle Al"
    And this is someone who was a Starband Dealer
    Franklin Werren at
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    And learning to Play the Bugle

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    xp home and pro is kool bill gates and his crew just need to check their products before they ship it out , more carefully. i have both on my laptop and desktop. get you 256 mb ram or more and a decent highspeed hook up and let it go to work. preferably they could have left some of that garbage out.

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    Simple answer:
    15 million lines of code created by over 8000 people.

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