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Thread: Dummy question about IRC AO on my Java??

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    Dummy question about IRC AO on my Java??

    Hi guys

    I was in ICHAT chat room yesterday, and I decided to check out of IRC antionline chat room but only for 2 minutes..and the when I log out and I found "one file"(two chat room ICHAT and IRC AO) in my folder (in my java plug in) :

    1 - This is chat room in ICHAT:

    " processing message: You see here: camila, dewi, geget, guest2113, guest2117, ina05, indra, kabayan, mytha, p4l, tamara, tianti and tuning_nunggu_roksen
    at ichat.awt.HTMLScrollPane.append(HTMLScrollPane.java:214)
    at ichat.applet.ChatTextMediator.setEventOccurred(ChatTextMediator.java:121)
    at ichat.General.SetEvent.notify(SetEvent.java:169)
    at ichat.ClientSDK.ChatSDK.Transcript.addTranscriptLine(Transcript.java:132)
    at ichat.ClientSDK.ChatSDK.RoomSet$BasicMsgObs.onData(RoomSet.java:402)
    at ichat.ClientSDK.ChatSDK.protocol.BasicMsgHandler.onData(BasicMsgHandler.java:483)
    at ichat.ClientSDK.ChatSDK.protocol.ChatProtocol.handleUnknownData(ChatProtocol.java:214)
    at ichat.ClientSDK.protocol.TaggedMsgHandler.handleData(TaggedMsgHandler.java:183)
    at ichat.ClientSDK.ChatSDK.ChatDoc.doHandleData(ChatDoc.java:684) "

    2-and the this is IRC AO:

    < :services.antionline.com 332 sweet_angel #GeneralChitChat :Today is soulemans birthday. He wants naked pics, preferably from men. -- Finally! AONewsletter #5 is up! http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=236481 -- http://www.bash.org/?2106
    < :services.antionline.com 333 sweet_angel #GeneralChitChat Deb :1036245354
    < :services.antionline.com 353 sweet_angel = #GeneralChitChat :sweet_angel +gamemaster6502[linux] +Juridian halo rioter Virus-afk SarinHippy sOnIc +gamemaster6502 Hal psychosquee Deb_Sleepin ^Kaji +Negative celfie CLxyz Swelly evil_enchilada Marina KublaiKhan @AntiChat qber66 ld xmad-afk @Liran-sleep
    < :services.antionline.com 366 sweet_angel #GeneralChitChat :End of /NAMES list.
    < :sweet_angel!JOIN :#TechnicalDiscussions
    > mode :#TechnicalDiscussions
    < :services.antionline.com 332 sweet_angel #TechnicalDiscussions :Wanna Job? http://www.AntiOnline.com/iwannajob/
    < :services.antionline.com 333 sweet_angel #TechnicalDiscussions JP :1036189758
    < :services.antionline.com 353 sweet_angel = #TechnicalDiscussions :sweet_angel +gamemaster6502[linux] +Juridian rioter Virus-afk sOnIc +gamemaster6502 Hal Deb_Sleepin ^Kaji +Negative celfie CLxyz KublaiKhan qber66 evil_enchilada ld xmad-afk @AntiChat @Liran-sleep

    And my Dummy question is..: If IRC AO server can copy my other chat room(ICHAT)..as you can see first part....that's meaning..my comp not secure.. am I right or wrong????
    I'm bit worried cause if not secure ... means someone can copy my file through my java plugin...
    Do I have to disable my java to go to chat room?? so I can be secure..what about if that chat room need java plugin to access to their chat room??

    How can I secure my self ..so I can use java to get in chat room??

    Thanks advanced for your information..
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    I am pretty sure its just the IRC client logging.... no big deal, its not the server doing anything....

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    oo ic..I thought that copy file things is very big deal .. cause I'm afraid someone else will do a same thing..to copy my file through java plugin..

    Thanks dome
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    Not an image or image does not exist!

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    I am no JAVA expert, but after scanning the code I didnt see anything that might compromise the security of your system. As far as I could see, all was going by the rules. And if you disable Java then how do you expect to login into AO's IRC Chat again? Unless you have a stand alone IRC Client aka Script. Also if you use a script to login in, it's a little different and the server will require certain info from you. In most cases IRCD Daemon (IRC server) only asks for info that it needs in order to identify you and it doesnt steal your files. IRCD is a middle man. Because in a way IRC is a P2P. Mostly when transferring files. When you send files on irc it doesnt go through the server but it is a direct connection between you and the other person. So dont be alerted by the info required by the server. Nevertheless once connected to the IRC, be careful for there are lots of Script Kiddies out there who are hunting for unsuspecting victims who know nothing about IRC.Hope this Helps
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