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Thread: CD hiding Data ??

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    CD hiding Data ??

    recently i got a cd burned with few folders on it ..the problem is that when i put the cd in my 52x samsung derive then i m not able to see last two folders of something like 40Mbs..

    now the intresting fact is that thoes two folders can be seen on my freindz CD drive.... AND HIS DRIVE IS OLDER THAN MINE !!

    my drive is otherwise fine (i hope it does)
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    Did you check whether they were attributed as [+h]idden folders? Your mates system may have the feature to view [+h]idden files turned on and you dont.

    Are you both using the same OS? it may be a compatibility issue with a different version of the OS.

    If these dont work try buring the cd again and see if it works. It may have something to do with the TOC. Have a try.

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    Try different media, I had the same problem with W2K <=> XP (2 missing folders...;*)
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