Hey all, I have a quick question for the WinXP ppl here.

I used winXP pro (corp) with cable internet and a small home network (one other box runing linux and bsd).

both ran thrue a realtec 8139 (realcrap card)

one died and I switched one realtec for an old 3com 900B-Combo

all fine, untill I switch on network sharing and then I get a popup stating the needed IP is already taken by another network card.

I know Windows XP remembers network cards and their IP numbers, I remeber swapping a card in a friends puter and giving the new card the old IP. I got a popup stating: Warning some other card (not in the puter now) has that IP allready, but I could still change it.

Anyone know how to flush the old cards database in windowsXP ??

[Edit] Ah I found that typing in the IP ( helps !!
problem fixed.

So does anyone know how, where and why Microsoft Windows XP stores all this usefull (???) information ??[/Edit]