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Thread: 800MB / 90 min CD-R's

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    800MB / 90 min CD-R's

    I was wondering if any one has bought any of these new cd-r's. I am having major trouble finding a vendor that carries them that I can trust. Every major store I goto say they can not get them. Pricewatch gives links to 2 pages, and neither of those pages carry 800mb cd-r's. I am starting to wonder if this is a hoax or something? Are there any trustable companies in the USA that sell these cd-r's? Do they exist? The companies that supposidly sell them (i can not find pages for these companies) are "Ritek/Arita" and "Laser". I have seen pictures of the latter one in cases that say 800/90min cd-r's.

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    A friend have ordered a couple of boxes of MMORE CD-R 90+min silv.

    So they do hopefully exist and I will hopefully get them soon, my friend ordered them from Sweden. Unfortunately do I need a better burner since my old HP probably dont know what to do with the new cd's .

    Source: www.mmore.com
    It has come to our attention that CD-R 90 users experience lots of difficulties in using these CD-R's. MMore took the liberty to write a manual to explain step by step the process of writing a MMore CD-R 90. MMore hopes to have been of help, but if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email.
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    Never knew that they came out with 800mb/90 cd-r’s. My next question is why the big rush to get them? There would only be a 12.5% difference in capacity.

    Here a link where you can buy a 100 of them for $70 http://www.disc4less.com/100pac8090mi.html
    But read the fine print
    "These CDR's are only compatible with special Drives and Recording SW that are able to Read/Write to this capacity media. 5 lb." don't ask me exactly what that means maybe someone else can give you a clearer picture of what devices that might include.
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    I think the rush to get them is... some disks that you want to make backups of are on these larger disks. I have a couple of them that I have only been able to make ISOs but no backup cd. What good is a 736mb ISO if it won't fit on a CD?

    Another is, there are several mpegs that I have that are over 700 but under 800.

    I will definately pickup a box.

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Though a few years back SONY tried makeing encriptions to stop peaple from burning..... beleave it or not but I've found that SONY disks actually burn & rip songs and things fairly good compaired to all the cheap name brand CD-R.

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    Why waste money buying those expensive cd's when you can use the cheap kind and overburn? Either way you still need a drive capable of burning that much data, and typically only the drive that burned it can read it. I know thats true with overburned cd's but Im not quite positive if it holds for these new cd's as well. Just a thought.
    Plextor writers from what I know are the best drives for burning that much data, and can copy virtually every cd flawlessly with the right software (nero) and settings.
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    www.yesbuy.net has absolutely the best prices in CDR's that I have been able to find, period.

    100pcs of NEW 90 minute, 790MB CD-R (Silver/Light Green) Up to 16X ... NERO or above that supports overburning. Set max. CD length to 90min, you also have to burn under "Disc at Once" mode
    The price for the above item? $35.00 plus shipping...not too shabby, and their prices on 100 lots of 80 minute CDR's are about half that. If someone can find them cheaper then by all means share with the rest of us!
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    Darksnake brings up a good point. I would check out the stats on my CD writer before investing in a lot of high capacity CDR's.
    A lot of CD writer's dont support overburning , mine does not
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    My next question is why the big rush to get them? There would only be a 12.5% difference in capacity.
    If you're making VCDs and SVCDs like I am, every last byte on a CD is like gold. I would love to have an extra 100MB to work with, but there are so few drives and burners and even fewer set-top players that know what to do with them that I can't see spending the money just yet. It could very well be that DVD+/-RW will come into the consumer price range before these CDs get the chance to catch on like the 80-min CDs have. The last DVD+/-RW I saw at Office Depot was $399 - not too shabby for 4.7GB per disc.

    But rest assured I will be watching these discs very closely to see what happens with them.
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    Try the cdr's from That's Write www.thatswrite.com. They have 90m cdr's but be careful these 90min cdr's are only supported by a few cdwriters!!
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