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Thread: ARP cache reset/Traffic count reset

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    ARP cache reset/Traffic count reset

    My ISP limits my monthly traffic in 3 gb of download and 1 gb of upload.
    To do so, it scans periodically my modem's cache (or in their language, "the modem's counter"). My card doesn't support MAC Adress changing (they manage their accounts by MAC adress to each client). So i need to reset the ARP cache. Is this possible? Anyone know how to bypass traffic count?

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    Think you are getting a little confused. Arp cache is just a cache/table of MAC to IP translations. Say for example, your computer needed to talk to your default gateway (for example some router), it would send out a arp broadcast asking who is <your default gateway ip> ? Your router would then respond with its MAC. Rather than having to ask the router everytime what its MAC address is, your computer will 'remember' the address or cache it...hence the name arp cache.

    As far as polling, the ISP is more than likely checking their end of the connection from your modem (what your modem is connecting to), and polling the data from there and there would be nothing legal you could do to effect this. It is pretty much trivial for them to get usage data from your connection and even if you were to try to do something illegal, I don't think there is much of anything you could do to stop them from doing that other than to perhaps cause the equipment you are connecting to to crash and then at that point you have no connection...

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