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    Smile creating backdoor in vbs

    Needed a vbs file!

    Creating a perfect backdoor that passes all firewalls.

    I want to send a content of a logfile completely stealth from office to home.


    I have WindowsXP box in a office.
    A logfile log.txt in the folder C:\windows\system32.
    The content of the logfile.txt must be send to ppan@planet.com.
    The content of the logfile.txt must be erased after the mail is send.
    The vbscript must only run (getting activated) when outlook (express) is openend and the content of the file log.txt is filled with 300 characters or more.
    The user of outlook is mpoppins(username) with password: pasmary.
    The name of smtp server is smtp.tiscali.com.
    This server only sends mail when the user mary make first (authenticated) connection with the pop3.tiscali.com
    The action must happen completly stealth (without any user interface).
    Even when something is going wrong (like a out of reach server) there must be no notice
    to the user.
    There must no popups like: somebody is using your mail account.
    No evidence of send items in outlook.

    (the names are fictitious)

    Who (has) can make a vbscript like this for me?
    I am not a programmer.It must be possible.
    I will be thankfull

    Question 2: Is there a program for making an executable *.exe out of a scriptfile *.vbs?
    Can you give me the url of the website for a download?
    Or are there other way to make a plugins for outlook?VBA?ActiveX?

    Thanks bye

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    Why don't you just get some real skills instead of being a lamer/loser who is so helpless that he walks into a security site looking for tips on makeing trojans.

    And besides If you can't even understand VB then consider yourself a cut and paste peace of waste among online space.

    This being your first post here I hope you have learned something or atleast grown up a little.

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