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    Hi people,
    Today is my 20th wedding anniversary and I am over the moon. I am planning to make this a very special day for the lady in my life. Believe me when I tell you that it still feels like the first day we got married. We have two wonderful children and they make everyday even more special. My long-term goal is to surprise her with the whole marriage proposal all over just to show her how much I appreciate her for always being there for me.

    Well I just wanted to share this feeling with you and hope it inspires others to walk that extra mile because it is worth it. You hear so often these days that people say they rather wouldn’t get married because it only complicates things.

    Please do not be offended by this as it is meant as a gesture in good faith and certainly not to tell anyone how to run their lives.

    Practise what you preach.

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    Congrats vanman!
    Hi! I am new to these forums.......

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    Being 20 years old,that's hard for me to imagine.The longest relationship I've had was 2 1/2 years,and that seemed like an eternity.Congrats,and I wish you luck and happiness in the years to come.
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    Enjoy and take care
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    Congratulations! It is great to see that some relationship's endure the long. My own hubby and I have been together for 13 years. It is definately worth when you find the right person.

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