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Thread: Geetting the program

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    Lightbulb Geetting the program

    Hi there

    Guys I need the program that will show me all the sever ports of our University Network.

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    Why do you need to know the server ports of your University Network?

    no response eh?

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    I have a much easier way. Just ask you network admin and tell him what you're using the info for. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to tell you...
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    I am not going to start or indeed carry on by telling you that you shouldn't be doing this, because universities and their computer systems are a fascinating place to find out about networking etc. You can usually find some really old box sitting around that runs something ancient like vms or something.

    Striek is right you should go and ask your admin because they are usually really friendly and quiet often they will love telling you about their systems.

    If you like to find out for your self, a great program is netcat it ships with a lot of linux distros but is also available for NT (works on 98 and 2k also prob on XP too). Everyone should have this program it is really useful.

    If you are on uni network and want access out to the internet, but they don't readily provide it. Then this a prob some guys I know are using http://www.bitvise.com/tunnelier.html. Or you could just find the proxy setting yourself.

    There are a million port scanners available but it is much more fun to do it by hand and you will learn a lot about network services.

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