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    Admin? what admin?

    Hello to everyone!
    I have a question, most of us might have the same question!

    I want admin status at school in order to install IPX and play some LAN games!

    The OS is win 2k
    Last year the admin fell for the dummylock trick! Some of you might know!
    This year we can't lock our PCs to use the same prog.
    I tried to boot from a disk but I can't find C: after the boot, so I can't erase the SAM file!
    I tried to use john the ripper but the password is 9 character.
    The programm found the last 2 characters but I left it for one and a half hours yesterday and it didn't found anything!

    What can I do?
    The net-plug trick works!

    everyone is counting on me to play a few games!

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    you can start by growing up, or perhaps you can realize what this site is about...Then I would highly recommend a grammar class....
    hmmm Good luck Kiddie.
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    There's a much easier way than a cracker... simply ask your school for the admin password and tell them what you want it for. After hearing your valid reasons for wanting it, I'm sure they'll gladly give you access.
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