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Thread: Welcome to the freedom-free money-drain World

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    Welcome to the freedom-free money-drain World

    A collection of ZDNet posts:

    "One World, One Web, One Program"
    - Microsoft promotional ad

    "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer"
    (One People, One Kingdom, One Leader)
    - Adolph Hitler

    According to logic of MS-lowers, if Hitler drastically improved and stabilized German economy, defeated crime, prostitution, free riding etc. - he is the great man. Of course, not everything that MS is doing is bad also. But, if Hitler improved German economy, B.G. - put the US down in favor of own profits. Every year MS causes more than $20 billions direct and indirect losses for the US only, (for instance, MS do not pay taxes).

    The matter is not how many good things Hitler and Hitler II (B.G.) brought to the public but where they lead us? B.G's direction is the same as Hitler's intentions. This is the freedom-free World under one OS, one dictator - B.G. Do you see any analogy with Hitler's goal?

    What do you think - is it time to establish a new definition: Micro-Nazism?

    Anyway, we are in front of World War III because somebody wants to conquer the world trough money, PCs, oil, … . I think, that G.W. Bush is a marionette in somebody's rich and powerful hands.

    Or do you think that Afghanistan, Iraq and other events are very beneficial for the pockets of average American's and their lifestyle? Maybe they are beneficial only for those who have interest in superpower, oil, playing on the stock exchange (it does not matter where stocks will go - if you know the direction - you are rich), etc.?

    Does the Bush family have interest in Kuwait oil? Can it explain war activity in the Middle East? (Conflicts are a good reason to enter US troops into).

    We know that politicians are dirty. We just do not have words in our languages to describe the level of their dirtiness (blacker than black).

    But the question is will we do something (at least to buy non-MS PC) or let them go?

    Antitrust Chronicals (DOJ-MS case):

    The Führer decided to end his poorly written show with participation of Department of Justice (DOJ), despite the fact that it was very popular among all members of his party, because they mistakenly think that it was true-life events. The ending of the show means that now the Führer will face a real fight for freedom. But, he has reasons to not worry about it and to think that he is ready to take away the freedom of all humanity. First, citizens of the most powerful country think that their government, justice (DOJ), ... are real and as sheep are waiting for their help, but in reality they have only one Führer who did not decide to announce the real status quo yet. Second, he knows that the majority of the World lost the ability to think and badly want to lose the freedom. The Führer is sure that they will support him as much as they can. The majority may start to think again only when they will lose their freedom completely. Their only way back to freedom will be a bloody road. All the future disasters could be prevented now but the overly "clever" brains are the source of all troubles. Why do people become smarter only if they will get punishment for their love to free cheese in the mousetrap? Why are beatings the only thing that can clear up the brains of the majority?
    Well, if so - prepare your appropriate place for the procedure. The Führer with Palladium and bought governments will come soon.

    Welcome to the freedom-free money-drain World:

    The US freedom and democracy are buried. Enjoy well-covered tyranny.

    If you think that this is paranoia - check the facts below about what money can do:

    A man by the name of Kyle John N II, who is not as rich as Bill Gates, owns many US TV stations among other things. He opened one more "independent" company called United Telemedia (Miami, FL). Under promises of national exposure for small businesses and joint venture with his own investment of $200,000 to each business, United Telemedia asked around $15,000 from local stations. But, there was no national exposure at all. Not one company sold even one item of its inventory (ten thousands dollars taken from thousands companies (per month) to the pocket of one person is not a bad business). Many small US businesses can afford $15,000 but cannot afford litigation against United Telemedia. It is hard to say how many thousands of companies were victims of United Telemedia. Police started an investigation, but suddenly the FBI (Miami) took away the case and ... without any explanations did nothing during two years. The Attorney General (Miami) classified the case as a civil matter. Thus, now there are no government forces that can help victims and victims (small businesses) do not have enough money to afford "the civil matter". It looks like the man has enough money to bury the case through the FBI and the Department of Justice (Miami). When the case was started - the man opened one more" independent" direct TV marketing company and did the same things with the only difference being that now the US is not enough for the man. The new company does the same fraud in the US and all over the World. The FBI (Miami) has complains, but does nothing, police cannot investigate because of the FBI and the Attorney General (Miami). The attorney who represents the victims is not as powerful as the 5 best law firms that represent Kyle John N II. Is there any justice left in the US?

    Need more info?
    The attorney who leads the class-action suite against the direct TV marketing fraud is Jane Letwin. His telephone number is 954-568-9111

    If the man, Kyle John N II, can handle the FBI and the Attorney General (Miami) - how about Bill Gates? Can he handle the government and more?

    The process of fighting with Hitler was too expensive. Maybe from economy point of view it would be better to let him live?

    Maybe it is too expensive to get rid of MS, but living with MS could cost everything.

    P.S. During all 5 years of "the DOJ-MS show" I warned here that by logical analysis of the facts the most accurate conclusion is that MS had blackmailed the government and, therefore, we will see only cosmetic changes but not real justice. Unfortunately, I was right.

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    Sanders said Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates asked him to testify in favor of MS in exchange that MS will support new AMD chips. Sanders was agreed.

    AMD CEO Jerry Sanders, in written testimony submitted that:

    "A stripped-down version of Windows " (see - no integrated IE,…) would have harmful effects on AMD, the computer industry as whole, the U.S. economy and consumers worldwide … and "would set the computer industry back almost 20 years."



    Or it is too dangerous to live without integrated IE or AMD takes bribes

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    Ok, Mr.Crazy..j/k
    First of all M$ is not taking over anything. 2nd of all no one is taking away your freedom. I am not arguing that bill gates (he doesnt deserve his name to be capitalized) is innocent nor am I saying he is not innocent. What I am saying is that thankz to this smart, brilliant, selfish and money hungry guy, we are where we are. Admit it, M$ had a big impact on the pc world as we see it today. Do you have any idea how big the Open Source community is? Linux/BSD is the best examples, and there are many more, open source is not only about Operating Systems it is also about computer languages and etc. M$ does not own C++ hell they didnt even invent it. Their VC++ is just another compiler, and there are dozens of compilers to choose from. You dont have to use M$ OS, or products, there are many other apps u can use that r free and jsut as good. Indirectly AMD relies on M$, whether u accept/admit it or not but there are a lot of n00bs out there who use M$ products and refuse to switch, and do you know why? because they dont really care about computers all that much. A computer is a tool that is there to facilitate your job, examples are: Accountants, Sales people, Marketing, Graphic Artists and many others. Do most of them care about how it works? NO, just as long as it works. If a computer does what they want it to do, then they are happy, they dont care how it does it, as long as it gets the job done. [shadow]SIMPLE AND TO THE POINT[/shadow] . Remember you always have a choice when it comes to the world of computers. I dont care who says what but bill gates to me is a just a smart ass business man. And I give him props to certain extent thankz to him we are more evolved.
    Note: How many people do you know that are willing to sit at work and learn Unix?

    To add to that, I am not saying we can't live without M$ at this point, because now we can easily live without M$'s buggy software. But unfortuantly many companys rely to much on M$. M$ does have a big impact on computer world and in a way thats very bad
    NEVERTHELESS not bill gates nor his company will be able to put down or destroy the [gloworange]OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY. [/gloworange] BSD will own M$ any day, any time, AND any where. BRING IT ON
    [gloworange]I pLaY mY eNeMyS lIkE a ChEsS.[/gloworange]

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    Let me see if I got this straight.

    Bill Gates is

    [list=1][*]The reincarnation of Adolf Hitler[*]The mastermind behind the World Trade Center bombing[*]He mailed the anthrax letters, and one you forgot...[*]HE ALSO KILLED NICOLE![/list=1]
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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