Just figured I ought to at least say Hi, It never hurts to add myself someplace, who knows what we'll find out.
I just moved to Florida from the UK, and I have to state.. this country has more Adverts on TV than shows.. So I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time between adverts conversing on here.. I don't know much about programming, But I've had a computer for almost 8 years.. I think.. could be longer..
I spend MOST of my time in Yahoo chat room Christian teens:1, Not out of faith so much as out of habit.. I used to go in there and cause trouble.. but you know..
These days I'm as christian as I'll ever be.. I'm not a big fan of "normal" christianity, I'm more of a mystic.. I tend to study the kabbalah, the occult.. all those sorts of things..
Anyway, Thats me. Thanks for reading.