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    Hey all,

    I'm a happy linux user for a couple of years now, and have even been known for useing wine to run kazaa to get my mp3's and stuff..

    but now there's something else.. giFT giFT internet File Transfer

    What is giFT, you ask? giFT is a modular daemon capable of abstracting the communication between the end user and specific filesharing protocols (peer-to-peer or otherwise). The giFT project differs from many other similar projects in that it is a distribution of a standalone (platform-independent) daemon, a library for client/frontend development, and our own homegrown network OpenFT.
    Sounds to good to be true ??

    well no, It's realy great, I get faster downloads then with kazaa or any equivalent, even though the tiny network (right now I'm on with 363 users) . .

    So evrybody useing linux at home, join in

    you need to download the deamon first ( run it by typing giFT -d )
    and the client (frontend) of your choice

    I'm with giFTcurses but hey, I think curses are thexy
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    Sounds good....I just might have to try this giFT. I've been looking for a good p2p program. And I was to lazy to get LimeWire. Thanks. I think I've heard of giFT before. But thank for reminding me.
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