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Thread: mIRC Who is, to IP address?

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    Question mIRC Who is, to IP address?

    I feel so retarded asking this but it seems no-one in the building knows how to do this. Now keep in mind I have already searched up and down Google.

    I need to know how to convert this:

    localhost@=gWuezr.ev1.net * Darren

    to this:

    We are using mIRC v5.91 32 bit. I'm almost positive its just a command that you must run while in OP mode, non the less.... Any light that can be shed on this matter would be appriciated.
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    hmmm, not to sure about mirc, but in some chats you can do a /whois and or a /userhost
    and then use a utility like sonar IP scan (it pings a host gives you an IP and tell you how long it took, id try that out, if you cant find it let me know ill see if i still have it, hope it helps.
    and hey, dont feel bad about asking this, think of the good its doing for the newbies that were upset that older members treated them wrong from the addicts vs newbies post. hehe =)

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    Since Dr Toker bring up topic of IP address in chat room...I'd like to ask question too..(sorry if off the topic..apologised in advanced):

    I was in ICHAT room and they have room 1,2,3 etc....asumming in room 1 there are 4 people with their nick name : A,B,C and D..<<<< How do you find out these IP address of this people.(most of these people in this chat room know how to find out someone IP if someone join to this ICHAT room except me!!)
    The reason I'm asking this question is just for my security..nothing else..(at least if I know their IP no one trying to do bad thing to me ..and I feel secure myself).


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    /dns [localhost@=gWuezr.ev1.net (or their nick i think will work also)]

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    yourname is right thats the command that u are looking for is
    /dns whatever.com
    and you will see somenthing like
    resolving name to
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    vw is capabale of hiding the REAL host tho.. so make sure vw isnt enabled.. coz the host u will get is masked. i have a vw unmasking script added on to my mIRC.. tho u need the host database for it to work..

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    Answer to primary question:

    /whois <-- will give you basic info of the person. Real Name, User Host or IP, Server they are on, Whether their nick is registered, and channels they are in.

    /who <-- Usually for Opers (IRC Cops/IRC Operators) they can use /who ip/host to find a person(S) on their net. Will show them nicks and channels that the person with that host or ip is using or is in.

    /dns <-- Resolves IP to Host or Host to IP. Doesnt always work.

    To answer sweet_angel: Not sure about Ichat, but in MIRC in most cases if your script is set up properly, when a user joins a channel you can see 3 basic statistics so to speak. 1. Nickname 2.Host or IP 3. Number of total users in a given channel.
    Therefore your script should do the job for you and show u user nick host and # of users.
    Or you can go about individually whosing people. Example: /whois user1

    Hope this answers your question(s).
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