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Thread: New monitor gives me headaches?

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    Post New monitor gives me headaches?

    I seem to be getting really bad headaches this week. Coincidentally, I was also given a new monitor last week (the old one was attacked by a coffee mug ). Has anyonle else here had this problem before? I kinda need to stare incessantly at my monitor to work, but I cannot think with headaches like these. Staring at my monitor gives me headaches. I cannot think with a headache. Therefore I cannot think whilst staring at my monitor. Oh yeah, when did I ever think at work ? I have computers to do that for me...

    Seriously now, what can I do about this? Do those UV shields or whatever they are that people put over thier monitor really work?
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    I've never used a UV shield,but I know turning down the brightness usually helps.
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    It's kind of a long shot, but the refresh rate may be causing your headache. Headaches to do with looking at things are due to your brain working over time to sort out the images, your computer may just be transmitting at a frequency that is sensitive to you.

    Hope this helps, but like i said at the start it is kind of a long shot.

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    /me agrees with ShippMa....I had a similar problem with a new moniter, and changing the refresh rate made the headaches go away. Given that it takes you like 20 seconds to adjust it, it's worth a try.
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    The refresh rate is the solution with a new monitor.

    Usually, a refresh rate that is too low may cause harm to your eyes and cause headaches.

    Best bet is to keep a refresh rate of 75 or higher. Play with the settings and see what works best for you.

    (Obviously, if you have the headache already, working with the settings may not seem to work, in that case, wait until you're headache free)

    Here's a link that should better explain the problem and solution http://searchwebservices.techtarget....214565,00.html

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    I agree with ShippMA, increase your refresh rate. I feel much better since I changed mine to 100 Mhz. If you can't get 100Mhz, get a better graphics card (anything above 85 should help). Try increasing the brightness setting as well.It helps!


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    As far as I know the best recomendation is to turn the brightness down, the contrast up and the refresh rate up. Glare from windows etc reflecting off the screen could also be a factor.

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