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Thread: The perfect firewall...

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    The perfect firewall...

    Recently I got ADSL and I think I've become the target of hundreds of "hackers" daily!

    The first word I heard was[gloworange]use firewall[/gloworange]
    I used BlackIce in the past but I don't think that it will be enough for know!

    Can you suggest a good firewall for personal use at home?
    I would like also to know the advantages and the disadvantages of each firewall

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    Istar: take a look at the "Similar Threads" at the end of this page or search the forum and Im sure you will get a lots of answers.

    Everyone has their own favorite and Im sorry to tell that's up to you to find your own favorite.


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    If you think you are being attacked hundreds of times daily, you have a lot to learn... I have had my Win2K Pro server running for over a year serving a cable connection which I have had for 5 years and can only remember two incidents where I even remotely -suspected- an attack due to an overly slow connection. I have no firewall.

    If are unaware of the pros and cons of individual firewall software, you need to learn a lot about firewalls. First off, they are utterly useless to prevent a remotely skilled attack if you don't know how to properly configure them. I would suggest buying or borrowing some good books on the subject rather than hoping for quick fixes here.

    Network security is not as simple as installing the right programs. They help, but they will also provide you with a false sense of security if you don't know what you are doing. And trust me, you are not the "target of hundereds of 'hackers' daily". You are being paranoid. Take your time and learn how to secure yourself rather than blindly trusting someone else's program.
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    Well there a lot of firewall in the net some of good firewall are for trials only im using the Agnitium Personal Firewall
    and ZA

    I foung Agnitium much better

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    I had Agnitum's Outpost and loved it. Unfortunately, the current version doesn't support Windoze ICS. When we networked the computers in our home, I had to switch. We have Sygate now and it's very good. Still miss Outpost, though, and if their version 2 ever comes out, with ICS support, I'm going back.

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    I use Norton Internet Security, its quite good if you ask me, but i think its very expensive if you plan on buying it so its not that good if you want to save money, but it works, i havent had a braketrough in my system since..

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    Hmm the best firewall.. An openbsd 3.1 box stripped to hell running only packet filtering...

    Hmm.. well thats what I'm in the middle, or beginning of configuring. As for starters, I would reccomend you get Agnitum's Outpost. Its a very good firewall, has lots of options, and even includes an ad killer.

    Although you should probably read up on firewalls and general attacks. Half the time those pings you see on your firewall are just normal internet activity. If you see an ip scan a range of ports from say 1 to 1600, then you can worry a little bit. A firewall is only as good as its configuration. If you allow every single program access to the internet, well thats not a very secure firewall is it. So only allow programs when needed, and don't leave those internet programs connected 24/7, unless of course your configured properly. Well, hope that helps clear up a bit. If you have any other questions, just ask, thats why this board is here.

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    I am running Zone Alarm Pro ( because I am using ICS ) on a W2K server with 2 NIC cards and NAT for the inside boxes. It has been working very well for about a year so far.
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    look around at the various viewpoints and then spend your money. You may wish to have the assistance of a friend help you install your choice(s) when you are ready.

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    Get a Router to block incoming access and a software firewall that blocks outgoing access that also blocks incoming access as well. This is a great way to secure your box. If you are going to get a router, set it up and change the password, usually the default is "admin" , id suggest changing it to at least 20 characters of alphanumerics/symbols.
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