Hey,I am redalert I am 18 and I am a longtime reader here at antionline.I have been reading posts here at antionline for almost a year now and I thought it would be time to join.I am a student and I work part time at ASDA (UK Supermarket).I am working at asda cause I dont like working and I am only working there part time.I like playing on my Playstation2 watching dvd's,I am also into computers/computer security/programming and webdesign.I just joined but like I said I am a long time reader and have gained alot more knowledge of computers and would like to thank everyone at antionline for that thanks.You can usually find me on msn in the computing categorie( http://chat.msn.co.uk )
Hope I can also be of some help to newbies,
See you around the forums....