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Thread: The Golden Days..

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    The Golden Days..

    Don't you remember the old, glorious days, where a man could play pong all day, and every kid that came up to him and asked him what he was doing he could just tell him that it was a lot more complicated than it looked? Well I don't..

    But anyway, I found this cool pong game on the net, hope you guys like it. Did I mention it was 3D?


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    Cool site takes a while to get use of playing pong in 3D but once you get the hang of it could play for hours.
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    i remember the days of visiting my uncle and playing pong for hours on a really old game console that i dont even know the name of heh . i loved it i thought it was great and it really did plant the foundation for me being a game lover.. oh yeh and it made the day quicker too i thoroughly enjoyed pong the original heh
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    Pong was created by a man named Nolan Bushnell, Atari in 1972.

    This I found very informative. You guys should dig it...
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