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Thread: Saddam hussein Email been Cracked!!

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    Saddam hussein Email been Cracked!!


    I just found this site...I'm not really sure if this is true or someone just make same email as Saddam hussein as President of Iraq. But the things little bit interesting..and ..bothered me like spamm email..
    take a alook http://www.wired.com/news/conflict/0,2100,55967,00.html

    and tell me what do you think...
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    Many of you probably see the messages in forums about similar topics, and other things that have been hyped up by the media. Looking to the past it is a common known thing that this media hype is just a bunch of, althought somewhat factual to an extent, unnessecary scare tactics.
    Take a look at the past. They said that Killer bees would be in the US a few years ago when infact they still have yet to arrive. Or how about the scare about the 'razorblade in the candyapple at hallowe'en' that was never there. Or someone putting poison in the candy. The media has been hyping everyone up to get scared and keep tuning in to their papers to make sure that they actually get read.

    Things like this story make me wonder where the media gets their information. If it were definately true then the US government wouldn't just release it. Its more likely that the reporter made it up so that people would hate Saddam Hussein more. I am not saying the guy is good by any means but half the stuff said about him is just taken to the extreme. Maybe its true but in general this happens all the time that the media cannot find a story so they take an easy target and stab them.
    Its a general unneeded thing and I hope that anyone going into journalism or newsreporting read this and understands what I am saying. Knowing that they read it I also hope they dont do this..

    Dont be scared, this message was probably just bogus

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    Just a quick FYI dap, Killer Bees are in the US...they were found in Texas a few years ago and have been slowly spreading.

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    Hey dab, you better make sure you look those apples over a bit more carefully... My little sister got one on halloween a couple years ago with a needle in it. *just a suggestion for ya*

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    i think its all fake...its possible, but would a man as powerful as him have an email that wasnt heavily secure? whoever made that story up has way too much time on their hands.
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    Hmmmmmmmmm..... I dont know..... but my suggestion is that is probably fake but who knows it might be true too
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    it's most defintely fake... an msn account... this is a little bit to much for me
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    if you nmap his **** sunOS 5.7, telnet is vulnerable to the /bin/login exploit
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    Talking ..saddam's e-mail?.. hah

    What I think about all this nonsense with media is that media should just fess up to everything. So many things could have been lies throughout American history such as landing on the moon and this e-mail. I think that the e-mail is fake due to what our friend said about MSN.. which is very funny and farfetched. American government is so full of blood-thirsty democrats and wanting to take over so badly its disgusting. Lies from the government may be the best thing for society but they are also a flaw in our country. About the e-mail, I would say it is fake and was made just to rouse things up in the media. Maybe it was made for a joke or maybe its just made for fun between friends. Who knows, but even if it was cracked and real.. GOOD JOB!

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    gotta be fake....they have power, infulence in their part of the world and they use HOTMAIL??? they are stupid but not that stupid, sorry.
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