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    security on broadband

    hi guys. I have read a few post's on this subject my problem is iam a newbe to all this and i read a post and iam not to sure what is ment by deactivate netbios and the TCP / IP protocol is the only one you need for surfing the web so just deinstall
    the other network protocols. I change over to broadband next week and iam very worried about security and keeping my pc safe allso is sygate ok to use with a allways on connection
    any help would be great

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    ok, for starters, go to http://www.downloads.com
    look for firewalls and port blockers, and theres a few steps you can take, for one, some cable providers have modems with a button on them that stops all internet traffic, so if you can, get that, and also zone alam has a lock on it so you can lock all internet traffic, you can also set it up so that the lock is activated after a certain period of time. and what OS are you using? sorry i cant help a little more but this should get you at least started, and im sure the other members will help you out, also check the FAq in the site and look in the firewall forum and serach threw the site and youll be well on your way =)

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    well if its only a home pc (you're not gunna run any services on it or whatever), then that should be easy to secure. If you don't know much about TCP/IP, I'd say download ZoneAlarm, configure that pretty well and you should be home free. Also, just use common sense, if you're not using the computer -- like during the night, then shut it off and then you can definately be sure no one's gunna hack you since it's off.

    Also, don't forget about web and e-mail security. Make sure the security settings in IE (or whatever browser you use) are set pretty good.

    Another tip: If its only one computer and you don't use file sharing, make sure that's disabled in Windows and on Zonealarm.

    PM me if you need any more tips.

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    Basic computer security


    In your post, you asked a couple questions.

    [gloworange]iam not to sure what is ment by deactivate netbios and the TCP / IP protocol is the only one you need for surfing the web so just deinstall
    the other network protocols[/gloworange]

    Ok, first, tcp/ip is the main protocol on the net. You could deinstall the other protocols, but if you have a home network, it is unadvisable to do so, as you might lose any connectivity with other computers on the network. Basically, leave your protocols alone

    Two, you asked: [gloworange]also is sygate ok to use with a allways on connection ?[/gloworange]

    My answer would be yes. I use sygate at home and have no problems, however, as gore stated before, ZoneAlarm has the panic button that allows you to block all activity. Sygate has the same, just that it is not a picture......You have right click on the system tray icon to get the option, but it has blocked everything so far. I like it a little better than tiny firewall, cause tiny was too good...LOL, it blocked my proxy server even though I allowed it....rofl....Anyways...use sygate and a good antivirus....You should have no problems.
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    sygate is very good to use. And moke sure your virus protection is up to date.
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    You need to go to your network connections and select the icon for that connection. Under properties you will get a popup, select the networking tab. under protocols uncheck everything except TCP/IP.

    You will see a similar set up as I'v edescribed on both windows 9x and xp. Though for some reason XP won't let me turn off SAP unless M$ have their own proprietory version that is a Novell application.

    NetBIOS is used by applications on an IBM LAN. and the other one you may see is IPX/SPX which is the protocol for use with Novell applications. So you can see that you will be safe turning them off.

    As for firewalls, I personally use Norton Internet Security, but then I am only using a dialup as 21st century technology hasn't made it out to the sticks yet. Some others may give you better advice.

    Hope this helps and maybe explains what the other bits and pieces are about.

    Just as an afterthought you will probably see NetBEUI in the list of protocols. This is the extended version of NetBIOS which is used in (amongst other things) windows for workgroups. So if youdo happen to have a home network I would do as th3>kLuTz says and leave it checked.
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    kingy_6_1 heres a site thats a great intro to tcp/ip.
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