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    Question Virus Help

    Anyone know about a virus that puts files named 00000b1b or 00000b18 in the c:\temp folder, that cause NAV to crash when it tries to scan them? It actual damage is killing my network. The only actual virus that NAv found was a generic trojan named upd.exe in c:\windows\autoupdate. I cant find any info about this thing, and any help would be great.

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    hmmmm, i duno if this is gunna work or not, but if your using windows, go to the disk cleanup program and clear everything out, it seems to have worked for a friend of mine.

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    If u can't clear the virus, delete the file in dos. And I think better u search the name of the virus of watever name that have significant with the virus in registry and del the registry value. check also win.ini, system.ini for strange line. Delete it but before that plz make back up.
    Hope it help.

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    I think I found it.Here's the link.It has a description,and removal instructions/tools.


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    sounds like a code red varient that blew up.

    is sfc disabled?

    open then up in a hex editor:

    seg000:00000B1B 00 00 68 D0 dd 0D0680000h
    seg000:00000B1F 24 40 00 68 dd 68004024h
    seg000:00000B23 D0 20 40 00 dd 4020D0h
    seg000:00000B27 68 D4 24 40 dd 4024D468h
    seg000:00000B2B 00 6A 00 55 dd 55006A00h
    seg000:00000B2F FF 35 D8 24 dd 24D835FFh
    seg000:00000B33 40 00 E8 60 dd 60E80040h
    seg000:00000B37 00 00 00 0B dd 0B000000h
    seg000:00000B3B C0 75 49 A1 dd 0A14975C0h
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    umm... I think that somebody or some how it was hidden. If i undertood you correctly this site should have something that can help you out. www.astalavista.com.

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    If you can get to the web go to Trend Micro's Free Online Virus Scanner. I've used it myself many times when other virus scanners have failed.

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