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    a curiosity question

    Are newbies such as I allowed to post antipoints? Is this only for more advanced members? I looked and couldn't find this particular bit of information Thanks Auntie
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    You should be able to, the minimum amount of APs you need is 50(which you have) and I think about 20 posts are needed as well. You should read jehny's post in this thread. He knows quite a bit.

    Or you could just assign APs to some post, and see how they turn out in your AP center. If they're grey, it means they don't count as of yet.
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    Auntie,my opinion is this.I think it doesn't matter to people how much antipoints they receive for a post .....mmm..maybe this came out wrong. What I am trying to tell you is that as much as we all appreciate receiving antipoints,at the same time people like to hear what you think of their posts.So although you might only see a grey dot or maybe your first greenie now,the comments that go with your antipoint reward on a post does count a lot.I for one value that because that is what this site is all about(learning,respect and value people's opinions.)

    Most of the time people will not only give you antipoints but also post a reply as well.

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