i still dont understand how my company is based in new hampshire lol

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And why didn't you provide actual proof instead of simply insulting me?

Im sorry about the insulting factor, if i really did what you think i did.
But in utter honestly, let me again tell you that it was me wrote the thing, i read a similiar article in a computer mag, which gave me some deifinitions, i added a lot more to it. I guess it was the dumb mag which copies stuff, cuz i wasnt aware this was all over da net. By the way, my company is based in India itself, it's a web solution company.
Also, Striek, it is really hard to give evidence, aint it?

Im not interested in posting articles here and getting antipoints if you think that's what im here to do. I plainly thought that i'd rather make people laugh over the article.
Im amazed at the amount of debate it has created.

iz me