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    i still dont understand how my company is based in new hampshire lol

    Originally posted here by Striek
    And why didn't you provide actual proof instead of simply insulting me?

    Im sorry about the insulting factor, if i really did what you think i did.
    But in utter honestly, let me again tell you that it was me wrote the thing, i read a similiar article in a computer mag, which gave me some deifinitions, i added a lot more to it. I guess it was the dumb mag which copies stuff, cuz i wasnt aware this was all over da net. By the way, my company is based in India itself, it's a web solution company.
    Also, Striek, it is really hard to give evidence, aint it?

    Im not interested in posting articles here and getting antipoints if you think that's what im here to do. I plainly thought that i'd rather make people laugh over the article.
    Im amazed at the amount of debate it has created.

    iz me

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    Hate to burst your bubble..

    Seeing as my website was used as part of argument.. I thought I'd register and post my two cents.

    What's here: http://www.unix-girl.com/blog/archives/000364.html is typed directly from Robert Cringley's book (I know, because I typed it in). What you posted in this thread is exactly that, word for word..

    If you wrote this, then either your name is Robert Cringley, or you wrote this before 1994 (date of first publication of the book) and Robert stole from you. Considering you sound like you are rather young you probably were not old enough to write this back then (I apologize if I'm wrong on your age, it's just a guess).

    At this point, utilizing occum's razor, you are indeed not the author. Have the guts to admit to copying and taking credit, you'll be a better person for it.

    Another point, considering that I actually cut out a sentence out of the first paragraph (it had to do with previous content in the book and was irrelevant to what I was posting) and what you posted is missing the same information, you probably copied this straight from my website..

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    lol , obviously ive lied about my age on website, i cant be a CEO at 18, in any case, i dont wish to engage to take part in the discussion anyway

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    So, long story short... you admit to being a liar. Looks like we have our true answer everyone. Time to wrap us this thread!

    "Copy from one person, it's plagerism. Copy from many people, it's research!"

    And no, I didn't come up with that... not sure who did. See... it feels so much better if you just admit it :-)
    Mike Reilly

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    only if , in the first place i did it, cuz you all cant just mount on me to agree on it.
    I havent, i havent, so damn i havent

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