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    Post Computer Sickness???

    Heh, while lying on the couch feeling sick I was able to catch The Screen Savers, and on it they were discussing some recent findings made by a few Japannese researchers about how excessive use of your computer can lead to certain sick like symptoms. I found more about it here on their website...


    I found it pretty humerous.
    See if you match up to any of these symptoms!!!
    I seem to fall into the "not wanting to go to work category "
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    According to this Reuters story, a team of Japanese researchers claim they have conclusive proof that prolonged computer use causes headache, eyestrain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, lethargy, anxiety, and, our personal favorite, "reluctance to go to work."

    Participants in the two-year Japanese study also exhibited sleep-related symptoms including insomnia and fatigue. The study's authors recommend restricting the use of "video display terminals" (VTDs) to less than five hours a
    Yeah,the anxiety and insomnia don't have anything to do with the 15 pots of coffee you drank this morning.I'd imagine the likely cause of lethargy and fatigue have to do with the fact that after you drank 15 pots of coffee you didn't sleep for the next two days.Then,the joint pain.Get off your fat butt and do some exercise and that will go away(No a walk to the fridge to grab a beer isn't exercise).Eye strain?We had this discussion in another forum.Turn down your brightness and change the refresh rate.
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    Lmao, yeah I notice some of these things. Coffee come's in handy while making websites and coding until the wee hours of the morning. Even then, I don't drink too much coffee because I'm more a night person and can go quite a bit without sleep. Excersise is important, and I try to get alot of excersise by running/walking (tries to do 4 miles a day, notice the try part, but makes atleast 3) not eating too much, lifting, etc. Thanks for the link though, most interesting.
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