Well for those of you that read my other posts you are probably getting sick of reading me talking about Red Hat but I cant help it. Its sweet and i am learning and im ecited about it ( so thats a good thing i think)

Anyways, I still have a dial up and I could not connect to it with linux so I was using Windows XP and PPPshar to send the connect over to linux. Well that really sucked because I had to set everything up to use a proxy server and I could only connect to one irc server. Needless to say I could not use anything like nmap or ftp from Konsole ping or tracerout so it really was not a good setup.

I came accross sygate home networking and thought I would give it a try. Downloaded it and installed . Had to restart and then all I had to do was put a dot for dialup and a dot to use my ethernet card. Assign it to and then restart again. Connect and with no configuration to do on Linux I had a connection. I can use everything now. It is a real connection without setting up proxy servers and all that crap. So in my opinion that software is Phenominal. Little setup BIG results.

Anyways if you never heard of it you can scope it out @ http://soho.sygate.com/products/gate_ov.htm

Side note: I got my zip drive mounted to ( YEA ). There is so much help out there avalible to read on linux. I just do a search for my problem and get a bunch of mailing lists where people asked the same question.