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    Configuring Agnitum Outpost

    Is there anyway to block specific IP's (manually) or ports in Agnitum Outpost, Free version? The only option I have seen is to block a SUSPICIOUS IP for whatever time limit you set. Ive scoured the help, but I havent seen a thing on blocking specific IP's or ports...

    Anyone know? THanx
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    I think you have to do it by application, rather than just a global block for outgoing connections.

    Options -> Application

    Chose which App you want to block from going to that site, select edit->modify rules

    You will then get a wizard that will walk you through creating whatever rule you want, from chosing port, protocol, source, destination, etc.

    If you are asking about incoming connections, that is another story, I think those are denied by default.

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    Yes, I believe that you are right neb. By default, they are blocked. Once an inbound connection is attempted, you get a little popup window that gives you the option to allow once or block once. You also have the option to start a rule from here. It's good out-of-the-box as far as inbound connections go. I think that it does much the same for outbound.
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