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Thread: 102 ways to kill your pc!

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    102 ways to kill your pc!

    Or rather they blow up a 486 PC, as they explain with remarkable lack of shame.

    "It would appear that after all the motherboard jumpers were removed for storage, someone accidently powered the system up. This caused the whole setup to run uncontrollably fast. Fortunately, one of the technicians (the one who had destroyed the least of the "coolant") had the presence of mind to check the clock speed...247MHz!

    "There was only one thing to do. Halflife.

    "Completely playable, the game ran fine for 2 minutes and 34 seconds (or 3 minutes 12 seconds, depending on who you listen to...) then crashed horribly. By this time, however, the processor was utterly wrecked. As was the motherboard. And the power supply, graphics card, soundcard and RAM. Most of the Holy Spirits had boiled too.

    "The only thing to survive the ordeal was the freezer, proving that superior British engineering always prevails (or something)."
    here is a funny TheRegister article about 102 ways to kill his computer.
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    Yes That was amusing...

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    Cheers for that, funniest thing i've read in a long time... maybe i should get out more
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