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Thread: DirectX Programming...

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    DirectX Programming...


    Does any have any links to DirectX tutorials or know any good (fairly uptodate) books that
    focus on directx programming (in conjunction with c++ of course)?

    ----Also, is there a standard windows api lib out there for creating win32 GUIs without using visual c++? I found one on google, but it seemed rather dated. Anyone recommend using the java api for GUIs?----


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    Here's some links to get you started

    First thing you need is the directX software development kit you can find it here along with a bunch of other helpful stuff.

    The next thing you need is a wrapper to work with the directX SDK. You could even make one you self if youíre up to the task but there are lots of good ones all ready made for you. CDX is a great wrapper for directX when it comes to small 2d applications great for people with weak c++ skills like me.

    Just a site with some links on it to wrappers and such.
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