Well....here is my story, and I need your help...

I installed Sp1 for Windows XP. Even though rioter suggested agianst it, I know I should have listened now. And I need your help uninstalling it. I backed up all my files so it is in the Add/Remove Programs, now here is my problem, when I click remove it come up with a list of nearly everyprogram on my computer and it says "These programs may not work if you uninstall this, in that list was Apache,mySQL, BPFTP, Kerio, and someother things that are needed for my server. Now, should I just go for the uninstallation? Or should I keep it how it is and hope Microsoft fixes everything up soon? Or is there a better way to go about it?

Also the reason I'm not using Linux is becasue my family uses this computer, and my mom isn't to keen on Linux. She said it is to confusing for her.