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Thread: which is better?

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    Question which is better?

    If I decide to go into prog. writing, which sbter? BASIC or C++? I know BASIC is not very good, but which is better in the long run
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    If you are really serious about learning to program, then I would suggest that you take the time to learn C++. There are some great books that will teach you the fundementals of programming with C++. C++ will benefit you in the long run. Basic will only take you so far. If you learn basic and follow through with your education of programming, then there is going to come a time when you abandon basic for C++

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    Check the archives (ie: search the forums), this has been debated many times, you'll find many arguments that will help you decide...

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    I would advise you to learn the C. It's one of the most learned languages in the world (maybe the most), it is like an universal language for coders, it is very powerful, and with it you'll have the basis for the majority of others languages.

    It is generally considered as the Gods' programming language.
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    Oh...my favorite topic. Let it be C. It must be. Resist the flashy temptation of some of the other lesser languages (like VB). Go with c++ and you won't regret it. You can always go back and pick up the others just for fun. You also get much more freedom with C. A word of warning...as you go along learning the language DON'T skip over a concept and say to yourself, "Oh...I'll just figure it out later." Learn it all and learn it well. And... HAVE FUN!!! C is a blast!

    Let us know what you decide to do!

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    Maybe im a moron but.... I started out with C++ and all the controls and stuff scared me away from it but it wasn't after useing VB I've found programing a piece of cake. However if you have atleast SOME programing skills you should definetly go with C because while VB is very fast and friendly C is a much more flexable language.

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    i would definately recommend C over basic......but have you considered JAVA? i do know C and Basic...and C is easier to me. I do not know JAVA, but have friends who do and they like it
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    Java is also a very good alternative. Java and C++ share a lot of things. So, if you learn one of these, it would be easy to learn the other language.

    I started by learning C, then C++ and now I know Java too
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    i have to agree that C++ is a better choice

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    c++ rocks

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