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Thread: DSL router that has USB connector

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    DSL router that has USB connector

    Anyone know if there are personal routers out there that has a USB port for the incoming signal. So far I am stuck using a single computer because my old Linksys DSL router only has a RJ-11 connector.


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    Check this out and see if it is what you seek....

    <EDIT> My bad....that model is only a modem, not a router. However, you can turn on your ICS and link your other computers via ethernet cards.
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    brackenwood: the RJ11 is supposed to be connected to the DSL line (telephone line with DSL filter) normally the other connection to pc or hub is a RJ45 or similar Ethernet connection or a USB port. There are many models that support both (USB and Ethernet). Anyway most models with USB aren't called routers but modems, cause USB mostly means you are going to use it with a signle pc. For instance
    IMHO a router/modem with ethernet port is the best choice, that way you can connect either a firewall pc running all network capable os's on it or a switch or any network device you want. IMO, USB decreases the versatility (if no ethernet port available) If you are only going to connect 2 boxes you can use a product that supports USB and ethernet, than you can hook up one box trough USB and the other with the ethernet connection. Eicon has a product that does this. The Diva 2440, it's a simple 2 user router when you connect one to the ethernet and the other to the usb but it can serv 50 users if you attach a hub to it. http://www.eicon.com/worldwide/produ.../Diva_2440.htm
    You can also use the Alcatel / Thomson speedtouch 530 Multi user ADSL gateway. http://www.speedtouchdsl.com/prod530.htm
    it's basicly the same product, but many speedtouch products (those made by Alcatel) are built in Belgium (ADSL is invented by a Belgian engineer) -> that means quality

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    This might do what you need... Honestly, though, if you're going to spend money, it my be easier to just by a Ethernet DSL Modem and use your existing router...



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    Thanks Vic my old router was Linksys - so I think I will check on that one...

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