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Thread: XP SP2 Encryption Rage

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    XP SP2 Encryption Rage

    I heard yesterday that some buisiness was using XP to encryt the files and then when they installed the lates service pack (SP2 i think) it changed all of the encryption keys and locked them out of their own data. They lost everything and had to start from scratch.

    Has anyone else had any experiences like this?

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    I have not had this problem because I will not trust M$ to write secure encryption routines. IE browsing histories are not deleted when I tell it to (power grab?). It simply moves a pointer that tells IE where to start accessing the history. This is despite the obvious reason why people would delete thier histories. So why would I trust thier encryption? Do they even make public knowledge of which algorithms they are using?

    In fact, I will not trust my encryption to any company that does not release open-source encryption software. Although finding a backdoor or security flaw is out of my league as a programmer, someone else would. I use PGP <www.pgp.com> specifically for this reason. Thier encryption software is also always backwards compatible. I also generate my own encryption keys and keep them on write-protected floppies so they cannot be tampered with. M$ does not provide this option, and I don't want to find out why the hard way.

    Just another reason not to trust M$. Obviously, encrypted data is important, or it would not be encrypted in the first place. They therefore have the responsibility to ensure it is accessible after an update for thier customers, yet they choose to ignore it because it is inconvenient to them.

    Another sad but true fact about M$ comes to light...
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