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    Linux experts needed -Need help

    I have never used Linux before and therefore need some help. I have formatted my old pc (20gigs) hardisk using DOS. I have a copy of Linux Red Hat 6.2.

    How do I format for Linux and install? I also need to configure the Linux os to Lexmark z23 printer, ATI graphics card, Yamaha sound card and ADSL speed touch USB modem. Is it possible?

    Also need info regarding firewall and anti virus soft for Linux…

    Any good web link for Linux beginners will be useful…



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    You should probably get yourself a more recent copy of Red Hat (or any other recent distro) as 6.2 is quite old and will need extensive patching right out of the box. Besides that, if your mother board is recent enough you should be able to just pop the CD in and follow the install instructions.

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    I agree with ammo in that you should get a more recent version.If/when you do that,I'd recommend getting the RedHat Bible.It has a lot of useful information.Also go to this link for some basic commands and stuff(it also has a lot of other useful Ebooks)
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    before installing linux remember these:

    1)check if linux supports the hadware you use or not(*)

    2)create two startup disks(boot up disks) one for windows and the other for linux.(if your machine can boot from the
    cd-rom you don't need to create the boot disks)

    3)backup your data(*)

    Note: because this is the first time you are installing linux and making non dos partitions it is logical backing up your data before making any changes,partitioning the hard disk could go wrong somtimes especialy when you are not familiar with the proccess of patitioning .

    4)read all the help or readme files that the partitioning software provides.(*)

    5)partitioning the hard disk is the most important thing you do before installing linux so be sure you know what you are doing.

    partitioning software:

    the best free software that somtimes allows non-distructive changes to the partitions is FIPS that can be downloaded from most of the linux ftp sites.
    (it is recommended that you use this software for partitioning dos based partitions that are empty)

    the best commercial software is partition magic that allows dynamic partiton adjusment and supports the creation and setup of linux. (partition magic is recommend for those new to creating non-dos partitions)


    download fips:
    how to use fips:
    good resources about linux instalation:

    books about linux:

    Red Hat Linux Unleashed
    Linux in Plain English
    Special Edition Using Linux

    links to learning resources about linux
    this could have been a nice tut for linux newboez

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    Yea I would agree to upgrade. The latest is Red Hat 8.0. I just installed it and all i did was fdisk just normal delete my old partitions and create new dos ones. Then I just booted it off the cd used the automatic partition and then selected my root password install packages and then a while later ( just loading things didnt have to do anything) i was done. You can download it if you have access to high speed. Its 5 disks though total if you want all the programs

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    Thanks for all the info .

    Where can I find HCL for Linux ?


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    IMHO there is no need to get a recent version of redhat,6.2 happens to be one of there(redhats) best distros.
    It seems like after 6.2 redhat started going backwards,if you can remember there last distro had a problem with its version of gcc witch made it almost impossible to compile anything.You are going to have to patch up your linux anyway whichever linux you use,that's inevitible.The thing is to find a linux that does its best security wise,where you wont have to patch up 100 holes only 10 or so go with suse 8.0.I gaurantee you that suse 8.0
    will be the easiest linux distro to install just pop into your cdrom and follow the screen and you should be up and running your dsl in less than an hour and it's the most secure out of the box distro that you can get as far as linux goes.

    Hope that helped


    One more thing,dont forget to put windows on your first partition or else your going to have problems,windows
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    I haven't read any of these posts because I am in a hurry but to learn Red Hat I highly suggest getting the Red Hat Bible. And for your version, upgrade it.

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    Handful of comments to make here:

    1. If you intend this machine to be accessible in ANY FASHION WHATSOEVER over the Internet, then you REALLY need to make sure you're using a more current version of Red Hat than 6.2. Out of the box, modern or not, this release is full of security holes that need to be patched.

    2. Learn right away how to either patch the machine yourself, or make use of the Red Hat Network to keep it current. Some patches may not apply to you depending upon what you chose to install, what services you have running, and the like. I would say that almost ALL security related patches, however, will be important.

    3. Being new to Linux, one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is find a local linux user group (LUG) that you can join. Start by subscribing to a handful of mailing lists related to Linux, as well as other similar topics. It's always nice to have access to an active LUG with members who don't mind a little hand-holding from time to time. [url= - Groups of Linux Users Everywhere[/url] is a good place to start with this.

    4. Spend a LOT of time behind the wheel. Linux for the newbie is like driving a car... the more practice you get, the better off you'll be. You'll make mistakes of course, but at least it won't kill you like a bad accident. (Not yet anyway )

    Hope this helps out,

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