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Thread: no network device

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    no network device

    i tried to install iris(one of the best sniffers around) on windows 2k but after installing
    figured out that the progie can not detect my network devices dose anyone know why this happens...i have installed iris on 98 and nt but it seems i have little problem installing it on 2k.

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    Hey black_death. I don't have any experience with iris, but I thought to ask you if there is a way to specify an interface to monitor. I had this problem with both Ethereal and tcpdump. With Ethereal, it was as simple as clicking a dropdown box to select the correct intereface, then saving the config. With tcpdump, I have to add a -i and specify the interface #. Do you know how this works in iris? If it's the same, it could be that it is pointing to the wrong interface. Just a thought...
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